Take yourself seriously.  To flourish, and even to merely survive, you will need to learn many things of which you can’t even conceive yet.  Shut up and pay attention to what is going on at all times, in every situation, no matter what it is.  Make yourself open and responsive to the whole world.  Paying close attention is the key to distinguishing between what is real and what is fake.  Never pass up an opportunity to learn something.  Stop thinking about yourself so damned much.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  Joy, success, bitterness, despair, and failure are for everyone, and you will have your share of all of these things.  Don’t be afraid.  Eventually it all gets thrown together and mixed up, and the result is your soul.  Learn to like yourself.  To indulge in fear is a sin.  It is a sin against oneself.  You have far more freedom to act than you think you do.  You may go through years of frustration and despair and then a door may open quietly in your life sometime when you are not expecting it, and you could go through it and find everything changed.  Be ready.