I showed several of my published poems to my partner H., and after reading them she commented, “A lot of winds.”  It brought me up short, almost with a jolt.  This was a sudden and surprising revelation for me!  After she said this I suddenly realized that I do indeed have a poetic obsession with winds, having mentioned wind many times in my poems.   Why had I not noticed this in my poems before?

All my life I’ve felt a subtle but deep emotional response to the forces of nature, such as the sun and all the various subtleties of natural light, the shapes of clouds, winds, water (especially flowing water and waves), etc.   So I suppose it is natural enough that such appeals to the elemental forces of nature would crop up in my poems.  Especially with winds, because wind seems to me like a subtle connection between the individual self and the larger world of nature.  To be touched by wind is a kind of metaphor for the individual self being touched by the world.

Since I started to become aware of the prevalence of wind-related stuff in my poems I’m making an effort to avoid using it in my poems from now on.  It’s not that there’s really anything wrong with it, but I would like to try as much as possible to expand my poetic range, to increase my verbal versatility, and to not allow myself to fall back into habitual ways of thought, perception, and expression.