I have a corner of my study where I’ve piled up the books which I’m planning to read.  Every once in a while I acquire more books and add them to the pile.  I tend to read a lot, but then I’ve been acquiring a lot of books over the past few months, so I’m not sure if I’m really catching up with my backlogged to-be-read pile, or if I’m getting more books faster than I can read them.  Here is the current state of the pile, with a weird variety of books I’m planning to get around to reading someday, some of it rather lowbrow literature (pulpy stuff), and some a bit more highbrow.

I’m sure that I will always have a books-to-be-read pile in my life!  And at the end of my life, after I’m gone, I”m pretty sure there will still be a stack of books to be read, waiting for me, though I will no longer be there….