A few weeks ago, after having taken a few photographs that I thought held some artistic interest (at least for me), I conceived the notion of putting together a short book of some of my best photos and self-publishing it.  I also had the idea of accompanying each photo with a brief excerpt from one of my poems, which would be a caption for the photo.  I finally have what I believe are enough photos to choose from.  My next step will be to go through my collection of art photos and select out a subset of the most interesting ones, so that maybe only about half of my current photo collection would end up in the book.  I also need to do a bit of editing on some of them.  This means mainly doing some routine edits like cropping and resizing of some of the images, and adjusting the brightness and contrast.  But I also think that a few of them would probably benefit from having a modest bit of Photoshop processing, so I intend to experiment with the addition of various filtering effects.  Some of the B&W images might be improved by adding some color tinting.

Originally I planned to self-publish this using blurb.com.  My artist friend Roger has published some beautiful art books using blurb.com and I was impressed with the quality of the stuff they produce.  But eventually I came around to the idea of using CreateSpace on amazon instead, mainly because of the convenience of their integrated services: book marketing, getting an ISBN, getting a barcode, etc., all through amazon.

I don’t have any illusions about this being a popular book or making any money.  It will just be a very obscure little artsy book.  Probably it will only be bought by a few of my friends and relatives (as is the case with most self-published books!).  For me the motivation for doing it is that I simply want to create this thing.  I want to make something that I will like, that will have some integrity to it, and that will provide me with some personal satisfaction.  We shall see how it turns out.