Occasionally one has to get tough with oneself, give oneself the proverbial kick in the pants as it were, in order to get some momentum going.  After diddling around for many months trying to get started on a novel, making a few notes but mostly just thinking it over and sitting around asking myself what the fuck, I’ve finally managed to kick myself into a regular daily writing routine, and I’m actually producing text on a daily basis.  So I’ve been going around feeling like I’m now kind of a badass, having undertaken this big challenging project and now pushing forward on it.  Of course, it occurs to me (in fact this thought probably occurs to me too often) that what I’m writing may very well be total crap, and that the final result of all my work might turn out to be worthless.  But I’ve decided I’m going to do it anyway!  So far I like the direction that the plot is going although it will need to be fleshed out more later, in the next draft, more dialog, more encounters between characters, more inner development of the characters, more of everything I guess.

My goal is to write an action/adventure novel that would have at least some modicum of psychological depth to it.  I’m always intrigued by books that have a pulp-fiction kind of plot, but which manage to transcend the traditional limits of genre fiction by presenting the reader with some characters that have interesting depths to them.  It’s not just about the action, thrilling though it may be.  It’s also about the inner mysteries of people.  I like to hear some rumblings beneath the surface.