I will be married in about 3 weeks.  It will be the third marriage for me and also the third marriage for my wife-to-be Heidi.  I met her on August 5th, 2011 and we became officially engaged on February 4th, 2012.  We’re both fairly mature now and we’ve each been through a lot in our separate lives, have had to deal with many kinds of difficulties (and some truly heartbreaking ones to be sure) but from which we’ve each learned a great deal.  So now we are each at a perfect point in our lives to be able to give each other the best of what we have.  My intuition is that we’ve somehow been developing in parallel over all the years before we met, despite the fact that we’ve had different kinds of lives and come from different kinds of families, have lived in different places and had different sorts of careers.  There is this undeniable sense that we’ve progressed through similar kinds of inner emotional and spiritual development over all those years.  So I suppose it’s not surprising that once we met we would sense an affinity with one another and develop a relationship.  It’s not magic; it’s just two people who, through a long and often painful process of living, have come to have at least some genuine understanding of life and of their own natures, and who recognize this in each other.

In a way it seems like a miracle but it is really very ordinary, because it is really all about just coming to recognize and fully accept who and what we are, in ourselves and in each other.  It is about, after many years of harsh experience, coming to feel comfortable and at home in our own lives.  We open up our lives to each other, and by doing so each of us helps the other to find his/her most natural and most authentic way of living and of being.  So in this way it does feel, intuitively, as if all along there must have been some kind of impalpable connection, as if we were each on a natural track to eventually find each other.