I’m in the process of trying to compose a small book which I plan to self-publish, a photo-and-text journal of our honeymoon trip to Japan, and I’m finding it to be strangely frustrating to get a handle on it.  Or maybe it’s that I have too much of a handle on it, i.e. I’m being a bit too literal-minded and I need to try to cultivate some element of artistic surprise, of poetry in it.  I don’t want the book to be merely a mundane description of what we did and what we saw.  My feeling was that underneath the objective events of our trip there was a deeper and more mysterious experience continuously unfolding, a natural undercurrent in the mind flowing freely and carrying with it many things, and perhaps unexpected things, things pointing out in different directions, things that might be catalysts for some new growth.  In short, poetry.

So the question is, what writing tricks are available to me that I can use to suggest this more expansive sense of our experience, while at the same time letting the readers know what really went on at an objective level?  I want travelogue but I also want poetry.  So far I haven’t been very successful in trying to make the travelogue itself poetic.  So now what I’m thinking of is to have, for each day of the trip, a straightforward description of the days events and sights, and then maybe follow that with a poem that would be a sort of poetic summary of that day.