I have a chapbook project in progress.  It will consist of a series of prose-poems inspired by my trip to Japan back in the spring, and the prose poems are to be accompanied by color photos.  The whole thing might only be about 40 pages or so, a typical size for a chapbook.  There will be one prose-poem for each day of the trip so it will be a kind of poetic journal of our trip.  The tentative title is Feel the Earth Turning: A Japan Journal.  I plan to publish it myself on Amazon.  I have the first draft of the prose-poems done and I’m starting in on the editing phase.  I’ve shown the first drafts of a few of the prose-poems to the people in my poetry group and the responses I’ve gotten from them have been very positive.  After I get the first round of editing done I plan to give the whole manuscript to my wife so I can get her feedback, and then I may enter into a second round of edits incorporating her suggestions, if any.  Then I need to pick out the photos to accompany the text and then start in on formatting the chapbook.  I’m composing the whole thing in OpenWriter, which seems to be perfectly adequate for the fairly simple formatting needs of this project.  I already have fairly clear and definite ideas about the book design, including the cover.  I’m hoping to get this thing published on Amazon sometime in the early fall.