When I was young, say up into my early 30s, I used to have dreams that I could remember when I awoke, though later in life I never had dreams, or at least never had dreams that I was capable of remembering. I noticed a strange and interesting pattern in most of those dreams. Usually in the dream I would find myself in some vast structure made up of many separate rooms. The structure would be enormous, seeming to go on forever. It would be some kind of enormous building of an exotic architecture, with many floors, or a network of caves that seemed to go on forever, or something similar. In the dream not much would happen. There was not a story or plot to it, but I would spend my entire dream time just wandering from one room to another or from one cave to another. Such a dream on its face might seem like a kind of metaphor for existential dread, but the feeling that I had within the dream was a kind of peaceful awe. I was content to be an explorer, just going on and on from one room to another, as if it were completely natural for me to spend all my time doing that.

As I say, later in life I stopped having these dreams, though I’ve read that supposedly all people dream while sleeping anyway, even if they can’t remember their dreams on waking. So maybe I’m still having those same dreams even now but I just don’t know it. I’d like to think that maybe at night I’m still exploring, still wandering through those dream worlds, on and on. I can’t imagine that it would ever come to an end.