This is the story of a house.  It was a small and pleasant place, right off of Highway 366 in the little community of Varna, just east of Ithaca. The best thing about it in my opinion was that the back yard bordered on a vast expanse of natural land, owned by Cornell University, which had been set aside as a nature preserve. It was idyllic and beautiful there, with wooded hills, hiking trails, and a beautiful creek that was ideal for swimming on hot summer days.

Unfortunately the house came to acquire a great deal of sadness. My wife and I bought the house in the late spring of 1996. By 1999 our relationship had deteriorated painfully and we separated, with me moving to a small apartment for a while. Eventually I bought out her share of the house, she moved out and I moved back into it by myself. I fell in love with another woman named Laurie, and we eventually had a traumatic breakup. Then I became involved with yet another woman, Jill, whom I loved and who moved into the house with me, only to have that relationship come to a painful and bitter end about a year after she moved in.

I had been so fond of the house and its connection to all of the beautiful natural lands nearby, but as a result of my experience I came to feel that the house had become too filled with sorrow. After Jill moved out I imagined, just walking around the house or the yard, that I could feel the weight of all of the accumulated sorrows that had passed through there. For me the house had become too suffused with sadness and I could not escape it. Finally I sold the place. Whereas once I had delighted in that house, I had come to be profoundly weary of it.

The house is now owned by a lesbian couple with kids, dogs, and cats. These ladies have done an amazing job of remodeling the house, doing almost all of the work themselves. I don’t know them well but the impression I get is of a happy and loving family who are enjoying their life together in that house. I am so pleased that that place, for so long a house of sadness, has finally become a house of love after all.