I’m still working on my book of personal essays, Meet Me in the Distance. It’s starting to become something of an obsession with me. Even when I’m not actually working on it I find myself thinking about it a great deal, while driving, going to the grocery store, doing household chores, etc. I’ve finished the first draft and I’m working on the second draft, which consists simply of going through the manuscript page by page and trying to just generally improve the overall quality of the prose. It is shaping up, though progress is slow and I have to remind myself to be patient and concentrate on the here and now. This is only my first revision pass through the manuscript, there will be more. I have a rather (strangely perhaps) formal strategy in mind for the whole revision process. After I get through with my current revision pass through the manuscript I intend to go through it a few more times, with each draft addressing a different strategic issue in the writing, such as trying to eliminate any traces of whining or self-pity (always a big trap in memoir writing), trying to avoid placing all the blame on my father for my unhappiness, trying to liven up the verbiage, and trying to place more emphasis on the overall theme of spiritual development and evolution of my sense of self.

So far three of the essays in my manuscript have been accepted for publication in literary journals, which gives me at least a little bit of confidence that I am on the right track and that other people besides myself and my wife might actually be interested in reading this book when it finally comes out. I’m not sure about publishing options at this point. I keep going back and forth about whether to seek out a small literary publisher who might take an interest in it or to just plow right on ahead and publish it myself with my own press (Century House Books). Currently I’m leaning toward the latter.