Evans-FirstSnowComing_coverA chapbook of my poems, First Snow Coming, was recently published by Kattywompus Press, a small literary press based in Boston. I’m very pleased with it. Sammy Greenspan, editor and publisher, did a fine job of designing and producing the book. I’m especially pleased with the cover art, a painting by Hiroshige, whose art I love.

The poems span several years of my poetry writing experience, from about 1998 to 2014. Over the course of this time my approaches to poetry writing underwent some changes as I experimented with different approaches to writing a poem. As a result a reader of this chapbook will see what appear on the surface to be something of a variety of styles, although I think there is a deeper layer to the poems in which they show a fundamental emotional consistency and coherence, and the chapbook holds together well as a unified work. My poems could best be described as coming from the tradition of the meditative lyric poem. Over time I’ve experimented with different approaches, but always my instinctive tendency has been toward the meditative lyric. The poets who have inspired me are numerous and diverse, but prominent among them are Linda Gregg, W. S. Merwin, and Christine Garren.

My abundant thanks to Sammy Greenspan and her colleagues at Kattywompus Press.