Like many, perhaps most, authors I tend to put my written works out of my mind once I’ve written them and put them out into the world, because I have gone on to other things. Then when I revisit some of these older works it can be a surprise to see them again, perhaps a pleasant experience to rediscover these things and see that they still hold up well or perhaps a sense of disappointment to realize that maybe (in the light of hindsight) they are not so great after all.

Such was the case with me recently. On a trip to Washington DC I reconnected with a writer-friend of mine, and in the process of discussing her memoir-in-progress over lunch she said to me “Maybe you should write a memoir.” I told her I already had, and that I had published it myself a year ago with my own press using Amazon Createspace. She immediately ordered a copy! I had up until then, as I said previously, pretty much put this book out of my mind after I published it, but my friend’s unexpected interest in this book made me go back and revisit it after I got home.

I found that my perspective on this book had changed. Immediately I experienced a great shift in my consciousness, a sudden illumination. I saw basic flaws in the book’s overall structure and strategy that I had not seen before. Almost immediately I resolved to rewrite the book. Furthermore, I resolved to, after the book’s rewrite, not self-publish again. I had done self-publishing and I was done with it; it no longer interested me. I realized it was time to move on to other, more interesting (though more challenging) publishing opportunities. To really go all out. To treat the book with the seriousness it deserves.

So that is what I’m doing. I’ve recently started rewriting the book, and in the process of doing so I’m delving into a serious study of the fine art of memoir-writing (which I’ve not sufficiently paid homage to until now). I’m putting everything I’ve got into this book, all the writing ability and knowledge I can muster is going in there. We’ll see what eventually emerges from this process.